Expertise in electrical design projects using EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN ProPanel

Our design engineers have 15+ years expertise in project design applying EPLAN as ECAD standard system in engineering – the base product used to create electrical controls design schematics within projects.

We design and build control cabinets, switchgear systems & power distribution systems in 3D (EPLAN ProPanel). Capability includes assembly layouts & routing connections.

As the skilled supplier of “turn-key” projects INFOCOM Ltd designs projects in the following:

  • instrumentation and automation projects
  • automation control system projects
  • projects for motor control centers
  • structured cable networks (SCN)
  • systems access control and video surveillance
  • electricity distribution
  • design drawings of assembly for control cabinets
  • material lists etc.
  • adaptation of the design documentation of the Customer in accordance with his requirements

INFOCOM Ltd deals with the developing of engineering design documentation of:

buildings and structures for manufacturing purpose

plant control systems

control cabinets of different degrees of complexity

power plant systems

video surveillance, lighting project, communication networks design, data transmission systems

To order electrical design of a project from INFOCOM LTD team – contact our Managers.

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