Process control system for pharmaceutical companies

INFOCOM Ltd provides services for the development of process control systems for pharmaceutical companies.
These services will allow to improve technological processes to improve product quality and its compliance with international quality standards.


Creation of a unified process equipment control system for:

  • Automated data collection
  • Further data processing and storage
  • Ensuring efficient operation and continuous operation of the equipment
  • Increasing the level of industrial safety when working with equipment
  • Increasing the speed of response to possible failures and atypical events with the product, process and equipment
  • Prediction of future behavior of the process

Required system functions:

  • Collection of critical process data from integrated process control systems
  • Storing the collected data in a single database
  • Providing an opportunity for long-term storage of backup data


In its projects, INFOCOM LTD uses modern tools for enterprise control systems that meet all the necessary requirements for automation of enterprises in this industry.


With regard to the International Automation Standards ISA 95, INFOCOM LTD’s competence meets ALL levels of the standard, and we can offer our Customer a complete integrated automation vertical from sensor to enterprise management.

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Published on July 05, 2023