Development of design documents

INFOCOM Ltd is engineering company with 25+ years of expertise in industrial automation. We have a reference of 1000+ completed projects worldwide in agricultural, F&B, metallurgical, chemical, and other sectors.

Our competencies are certified by world’s leader of solutions for automation and digitalization:

+ SIEMENS Solution Partner in the following sectors:

  • Factory Automation
  • Drives & Motion
  • Process Control System (PCS)

+ SIEMENS Industry Software Partner
+ SIVACON Technology Partner

INFOCOM Ltd develops design documentation for buildings and structures for industrial purposes, complete control cabinets of various degrees of complexity (electrical cabinets heat-stabilized, control cabinets with IP54 and filter and fan, control cabinets for electric drives).

INFOCOM Ltd specializes in the development of ACS TP projects of various purposes and degrees of complexity:

1. “Turnkey” Industrial Automation project delivery: 

– instrumentation and automation design (equipment selection, P&ID diagrams, deployment automation, design of external connections, cable tracing);

– electrical engineering (selection of electrical equipment, accommodation, management of mechanisms, lighting, alarm systems);

– control cabinets design.

– part of the nonstandard equipment (based on the requirements of engineers and designers used to proportion of electrical equipment, traced the cable, etc.)

2. Field equipment, Instrumentation and automation projects

3. Automation systems

4. Projects for motor control systems

5. Structured cable networks (SCN)

6. Access control systems and video surveillance

7. Lighting project

8. Electricity distribution

9. Alternative energy projects

10. Building automation

11. Calculation of electricity (AMR system)

12. Development of assembly drawings of cabinets control systems for various purposes

13. Development of technical specifications

14. Adaptation of the design documentation of the Customer in accordance with his requirements

15. Carrying out installation and commissioning

16. 3D design of electrical engineering (computer/cable floors, cable trays, operator’s panels, light, electrical cabinets, emergency switches etc.)

INFOCOM Ltd delivers engineering design documentation of:

– buildings and structures for manufacturing purposes.

– complete control cabinets of various degrees of complexity. 

  • electric wiring thermally stabilized cabinets, IP54;
  • control cabinets, version IP54, with filter and ventilator, without inductors.
  • cabinets for electric drives control; – electro-technical control cabinets.
  • electropneumatic and pneumatic cabinets for equipment control systems.

– Power supply systems for plants;

– Video control, communication network, data transmission systems

List of Instruments applied for designing

Teamwork and application in the development process the most advanced designing technologies allows INFOCOM Ltd engineers quickly deliver high-quality design documentation:

EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN PPE, EPLAN Pro Panel – software for electrical engineering – automated design system;

Autodesk AutoCAD – electrical engineering software;

MICROSTATION V8 – highly tailored package designing 

SIMARIS DESIGN – specially designed package for developing of control cabinets by technology SIVACON from German company SIEMENS;

COMOS – integrated development system;

Autodesk Inventor – 2D/3D environment for modelling;

Autodesk REVIT –  3D building and structure design

Industries we work

Our experience across different industries will benefit your business: