Planning and optimization of Power Supply Systems for industrial enterprises with software ETAP and NEPLAN

International engineering INFOCOM Ltd company has strong expertise in Electrical Power System Analysis and optimization with using ETAP and NEPLAN software for internal check of safety requirements of energy systems and further modernization recommendations.

We offer Energy Management Solutions  – Energy Audit for planning and optimization of power supply systems using specialized convenient ETAP and NEPLAN software.

ETAP software license modules used by INFOCOM Ltd:

  • Cable Ampacity & Sizing – IEEE, ICEA, NEC
  • Cable Capacity, Sizing, & Shock Protection – IEC 60502 & IEC 60364
  • Load Flow / Voltage Drop
  • Panel Studies & Single Phase Systems
  • Wind Turbine Generator and PV Array
  • Short-Circuit ANSI & IEC
  • Arc Flash – IEEE 1584 & NFPA70E
  • Motor Acceleration – Dynamic & Static
  • Star™ – Protective Device Coordination & Sequence of Operation

Industries we work

Our experience across different industries will benefit your business:

Application of Energy Management with ETAP and NEPLAN software on industrial enterprises is a solution for:

  • Design of enterprise power supply systems
  • Management and operation of power supply systems
  • Audit of protection devices and power distribution systems of enterprise
  • Analysis of power flows

Benefits of implementation ETAP and NEPLAN software:


Operational execution of calculations


The relevance of the received data


Ability to make changes to the analyzed systems


Possibility of integration into MES or ERP system of the enterp

NEPLAN software application during design and maintenance of power systems provides opportunity to automate several important calculations that allow reducing the possibility of errors due to the human factor influence.

ETAP® is integrated power system enterprise solution that specializing in the simulation, design, monitoring, control, operator training, optimizing, and automating power systems.

The main goal of Electrical Power System Analysis for industrial enterprises with ETAP and NEPLAN software is detection of potentionally hazardous places in the system in terms of:

  • Arc Flash hazard
  • reliability and selectivity of the power supply system
  • fault tolerance of electrical equipment
  • sensitivity of protection devices to overload сurrents and short-circuit currents

Reports generated by these software – contain a list of recommendations, that includes replacing equipment or tweaking existing protective devices to ensure reliable and safe operation of the enterprise’s power supply system:

The results of the reports are helping to analyze the risks of performing work under voltage in each of the electrical installations of the enterprise and, if it necessary – to develop individual instructions based on Hierarchy of Controls.

Eliminating the hazard and risk is the highest level of control in the hierarchy, followed by reducing the risk through substitution, isolation and engineering controls, then reducing the risk through administrative controls. Reducing the risk through the use of protective personal equipment (PPE) is the lowest level of control.