Energy Storage Systems for EV Charging Infrastructure

Engineering company INFOCOM Ltd in cooperation with UGV Chargers company has an Energy Storage solution for EV Charging Infrastructure.

Energy storage is increasingly being examined as a solution for deploying electric vehicle charging in areas where the grid is constrained or where a high number of fast – 50kW or above – chargers are to be deployed. Typically, in these circumstances a costly grid upgrade would be in order, but installing stationary storage for these sites can remove the need for this.

Our solution includes solar park connected to energy storage system that gives power to Fast EV Charging stations.

Benefits of Energy Storage EV Charging:

  • Increases power output to deliver Fast EV Charging to locations with limited grid availability
  • Reduce energy costs and maximizes revenue through optimized energy management
  • Creates a more reliable and resistant utility grid by utilizing stored energy during peak times
  • EV charging stations will work during power outages and grid events, especially important during emergencies or evacuation scenarios
  • Optional ability to integrate with site-building to further reduce energy costs and add resilience during power outages

Energy storage increase the charging capacity of EV charging stations.

These Energy Storage Systems together with Fast Chargers will provide motorist of EV with extra places to charge, which is a fantastic move for the environment accelerating the speed in which we transition to new electric vehicles.

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Posted on April