Complex of works on automation and energy distribution in all production buildings of the enterprise in integration with ACS TP and MindSphere

ACS TP and MindSphere are industrial Internet of Things solutions within the framework of the “IoT as a service” model offered on the market by the world-renowned company Siemens.


With this solution, you will receive a complete data report on the state of equipment in production (work, planned and unplanned downtime) for the following calculations – OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and accordingly display key indicators of operational efficiency in real time.


Before implementation, engineers prepared a “stop” tree with more than 200 possible causes applicable to various types of equipment, sensors, counters, emergency signals.


Both systems (ACU TP and MindSphere) are configured to exchange data when the situation changes. Collection of such data will allow:

  • Receive data on work and stop times, as well as unplanned downtime
  • Register short work stoppages and their reason codes
  • Plan preventive maintenance depending on the equipment loading plan

Similar analysis of data on the efficiency of lines and equipment with the help of monitoring will make it possible to identify weak links in lines and increase their reliability. At the same time, automatic data collection will free operators from the need to enter data manually and replace manual documentation maintenance with the use of monitoring panels and real-time analytics.

The collection of production data in the MindSphere cloud will also allow the Customer to make comparisons between several enterprises of the group.

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Published on September 18, 2023