Development of design documentation for buildings and structures for industrial purposes

“INFOCOM Ltd” is engaged in the development of design documentation for buildings and structures of industrial purpose, complete control cabinets of various degrees of complexity (thermostabilized electrical installation cabinets, control cabinets with IP54 and filter and fan, control cabinets for electric drives).
INFOCOM Ltd specializes in the development of ACS projects of various purposes and degrees of complexity:
Turnkey projects in parts:

  • part of the KVP (equipment selection, external connection schemes, cable routing);
  • part of ACS TP (development of control cabinets);
  • electrical part (selection of electrical equipment, placement, control of mechanisms, lighting, signaling);
  • part of non-standard equipment (based on the requirements of technologists and designers, electrical equipment is selected, cable routing is carried out, etc.)
  • part of tasks for adjacent parts (building tasks, tasks for heating, ventilation, tasks for mutual signals are being developed)
  1. KVP projects
  2. ACS projects
  3. Projects for engine control systems
  4. Structured cable networks (SCM)
  5. Access control systems and video surveillance
  6. Electricity distribution
  7. Alternative energy projects
  8. Automation of buildings
  9. Accounting of electricity (ASCOE)
  10. Development of assembly drawings of control system cabinets for various purposes
  11. Development of the technical task
  12. Adaptation of the
  13. Customer’s project documentation to his requirements
  14. Conducting installation and commissioning works
  • The following design tools are used:
    EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN PPE
  • AutoCAD
  • SIMARIS DESIGN for the development of control cabinets using the SIVACON technology from the SIEMENS company
  • COMOS development system
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Published on December 29, 2022