Identification of railway wagon numbers

Automated accounting system of railway transport in the process of acceptance.

In companies that are actively working with the delivery of raw materials, semi-finished products through railway transport, there is often a question of quickly identifying wagon numbers, reconciling them with the consignment note and entering data into the company’s accounting system.

One of the automation methods is the use of a system with video cameras to identify railway cars and tanks.

Functions of the automated accounting system for railway transport

  • Data integration with a weighing complex (weighing in motion)
  • Mark on the weight of the wagons after the train is delivered to the unloading station (receiving the gross weight of the wagons from the weighing complex)
  • Weight mark after unloading wagons (tare weight)
  • Iidentification of wagon numbers
  • Counting the number of cars delivered to the unloading station
  • Determination and display on the mnemonic diagram of the position of the wagon during unloading
  • Comparison of car data obtained from the corporate accounting system with actual data
  • Photo and video recording of the wagon acceptance process (with reference to a specific waggon)
  • Saving the received and processed data to the database
  • Transfer of information about accepted wagons to the corporate accounting system

Efficiency increase after the introduction of the automated control system for accounting of wagon on %

  • Reducing the influence of the human factor 98%
  • Reduced downtime 25%
  • Database maintenance 52%
  • Productivity 42%

Design of wagon identification systems

Technologies used:
Control system for the passage of wagons:
  • development environment TIA Portal (or other as agreed with the Customer)
  • controller

Analytics and integration system:
  • .NET technology WPF

The main advantages of the automatic accounting system for railway wagon

An important factor for the employees of enterprises is the autonomous operation of the railway transport accounting system, which eliminates operator errors and does not require the involvement of permanent maintenance staff

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Published on May 19, 2023