IT services from INFOCOM Ltd team

IT services from INFOCOM Ltd is a high-quality, efficient and effective implementation of your tasks from experienced professionals. Our team of IT specialists will help turn your ideas and wishes into a turnkey solution.

Department of Information Technology INFOCOM Ltd offers its services in the field of:

  • software development;
  • integration of enterprise information systems;
  • technical support of information systems of enterprises;
  • implementation of enterprise resource management systems

INFOCOM Ltd has strong expertise and experience in the following solutions:

  • Solution for remote cloud monitoring of production systems.
  • Solution for material flow management.
  • Warehouse management solution.
  • Solution for on-line chromatographic analysis.
  • A solution for tracking and documenting the movement of batches of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the production process.

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Posted on June 22