Management of contour drainage and monitoring system with pumps

INFOCOM Ltd offers solution for the management of contour drainage in the quarry using wireless technologies.


The essence of the technology for drainage is that from the contour of the quarry there are wells with installed pumps in order to constantly maintain a consistent water level to avoid flooding the quarry. 


The well pump monitoring system includes a set of sensors and a frequency transducer for the local well, connected to the ZigBee wireless network modem, which directly transmits information about the water level, pump operation, amount of water pumped, etc. directly to the control room. 

When it gets expanding and deepening the quarry, this solution allows you to move equipment in the coverage area of ​​the network and does not require additional manipulation of communication cables. Stable network coverage is provided by a mesh topology (mesh network), i.e. each modem is both a receiver and a transmitter. 

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Posted on May 20