Solution (container type) to coordinate the ship network and the port network for supplying electricity to ships

INFOCOM LTD offers a mobile solution (container type) for the coordination of the ship’s network (440 V 60 Hz) and the port network (380 V 50 Hz) for the power supply of ships at the dock.
Such a system will make it possible to save the ship’s own energy resources and to be connected to the cheaper shore power supply system.


INFOCOM Ltd’s competence in the field of power supply:

  • Electrical stations and substations
  • Transformers and frequency converters
  • Switchgear with #Siemens technology
  • Switchgear with #Schneider Electric technology
  • Switchgear with #Eaton technology
  • Automatic control in the power industry
  • Power plants and complexes based on alternative energy sources
  • ASKUE and ASTE system


The main advantages of the system of coastal control:

  • Data for consumption metering
  • Optimization of downtime
  • Safety for crew and equipment
  • Independence from port systems
  • Steady power ashore
  • Saving of own energy resources


Containerized shore power supply connection unit can be placed on board. The own mobile shore side power supply unit allows the use of shore side power in the ports of different countries with different voltage standards without wasting own energy sources (which is even more ecological as it reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere).


Please note that we offer a complete containerized solution, which will allow it to be transported along the berth front.

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Published on May 03, 2023