The company INFOCOM Ltd offers a solution for managing data on prescription products with the help of Siemens Opcenter RD&L

Opcenter RD&L (Research, Development and Laboratory) is a flexible and scalable platform for manufacturers of goods of daily demand and enterprises of the processing industry, which allows to optimize and standardize the management of data about prescription products. This allows for more efficient research and faster development of new products.

Products created at Opcenter RD&L fully comply with the GMP standard. The international GMP standard (good manufacturing practice) is quality assurance at all stages of production — from the moment raw materials and packaging materials are received at the enterprise to the shipment of finished products to the warehouse.

Opcenter RD&L helps ensure compliance with quality and regulatory requirements. Tight integration of research and development data with production data and processes significantly accelerates the transfer of finished product projects to production.


For standard R&D tasks such as project data management, formulation creation, sample and experiment control, manufacturing process development, you need an integrated set of best-in-class tools – from electronic notebooks to laboratory, specification, batch, inventory, production management tools on pilot plants, etc.
Opcenter RD&L also has tools to protect intellectual property and monitor regulatory compliance.


Opcenter RD&L consists of three main components, which are complemented by an electronic laboratory log and a solution for connecting to the work of third-party users:

  • Opcenter Specification
  • Opcenter Formulation
  • Opcenter Laboratory

We offer solutions for managing prescription product data using Siemens Opcenter RD&L

Published on August 08, 2023