We offer remote service and technical support

We offer remote service and technical support, scheduled maintenance for control systems (ACS) from INFOCOM Ltd developers/certified specialists on a 24/7 basis.
We provide a secure connection, with a properly developed security protocol to protect the transmitted data.


The main tasks of remote support:

  • Monitoring the operation of equipment
  • Diagnostics of equipment status and remote configuration
  • Solving current problems and issues
  • Software updates


Our goal is to make remote support efficient and safe:

  • provide prompt assistance in resolving incidents 24/7;
  • provide protection against harmful/unskilled interference with technological processes and unauthorized access to the control system;
  • reduce equipment downtime by promptly engaging external specialists to solve diagnostic, startup, and maintenance tasks;
  • improve the quality and speed of scheduled repairs and equipment replacement;
  • eliminate delays in service related to the arrival of specialists at the facility (excluding travel expenses).

To order remote support and maintenance at your facility, please contact INFOCOM Ltd specialists:

Published on April 25, 2023