Infocom ltd actively supports the development of renewable energy

Over the past few years, INFOCOM LTD has been purposefully pursuing a policy of switching to alternative types of energy. But in connection with the growth of electricity consumption, with an increase in peak loads on the power grid and with an increase in the cost of electricity, we thought about creating an ENERGY ACCUMULATION and STORAGE SYSTEM.

Tasks of the ENERGY ACCUMULATION and STORAGE system:

  • backup power: storage and use of energy during periods of max consumption
  • limiting the peak and shift of the load in the electrical network
  • smooth integration of new energy sources into the network
  • keeping household appliances working during power outages
  • quick response to unstable power supply

Basic system parameters:

  • power from 100 kW to several MW, depending on the needs of the Customer
  • energy storage and delivery in case of need
  • working period from several minutes to several hours – depending on the needs and tasks
  • off-line, on-line operation mode
  • high overload capacity
  • short-circuit and current protection system
  • control automation

Elements of a container system solution for energy storage from INFOCOM LTD:

  • 10/20/40 foot containers, the size of which depends on the stored capacity
  • inverter modules
  • lithium-ion battery modules
  • control system with programmable logic controller (PLC) and operator panel. The controller controls the operation of the entire module system and exchanges data with the external network
  • switching and distribution cabinet. The batteries are charged and discharged by a command from the inverter through the controller, the power circuits are switched in the switching and distribution cabinet
  • cooling and fire extinguishing system

To order, please contact the managers of INFOCOM Ltd:

Published on April 05, 2023