INFOCOM LTD company executes projects of automation/modernization of water treatment plants

INFOCOM’s competency in automation of water treatmetns plants:

  • Electric power supply
  • Automation and dispatching
  • Light in main and auxilary buildings
  • Grounding and lighting protection
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control

Main benefits of automated system for water treatment plant implementation:


  • operational conditions improvement
  • accuracy of treatment process
  • plant performance rise
  • monitoring-reports
  • process-flow tracking
  • human error reduction
  • improvement of operational safety


Main tasks to be solved by automation system of water treatment plants:


  • Online-data of technological process,
  • Access to operator to execute/correct settings of technological parameters;
  • Remote control of equipment operation (pumps, sensors, drives etc.).
  • Automatic setting of temperature;
  • Technological data storage, alarm information.
To order the automation / dispatching of treatment facilities, contact the specialists of INFOCOM LTD

Published on January 03, 2024