INFOCOM Ltd offers systems, equipment and services for the automation of life support systems and security of various buildings

Our most important task is to provide you with optimal comfort, energy savings, ease of use and safety.

INFOCOM Ltd’s solutions for building automation include:
  • providing comfortable conditions (lighting, heating, air conditioning);
  • ensuring fire safety (alarm and fire extinguishing systems);
  • ensuring access control and security;
  • color video surveillance systems;
  • non-volatile audio warning system (with the ability to alert regardless of noise level and power supply);
  • efficient energy consumption systems with multiple levels of redundancy;
  • parking management systems; information and communication systems.

Capabilities of the building dispatching system (building management):
The modular architecture of the systems makes it possible, regardless of the size of the facility and its purpose, to select systems at the request of the customer and integrate them into existing conditions and equipment with the possibility of further expansion without significant time and cost.

Data exchange between the modules is carried out via a multiservice communication network, which is designed to transmit various traffic from multimedia (voice, video) to computer data.
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Published on August 15, 2023