Modernization of cranes and automation of lifting and transport mechanisms

INFOCOM LTD carries out a number of works on automation of lifting and transport mechanisms and modernization of cranes:

  • Transfer of cranes to radio control
  • Sway control system, QC-hydraulic skew control
  • RMG skew control with Micro Motion
  • Implementation of a weighing system
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Prevention of collisions
  • Surface scanning
  • Condition monitoring


Radio crane control allows you to:

  • Increase equipment productivity in terms of speed and accuracy of operations, which will reduce the number of equipment and personnel;
  • Simplify the control of tower cranes and other lifting and handling mechanisms, which means that the crane operator’s task at the console is easier;
  • Enhance the reliability of the equipment and extend its service life.


Our specialists are recognized experts in the international markets in the planning, development, and implementation of automated systems.


For more than 26 years of practice, we have managed to bring crane radio control to a new level, so we offer our customers not only the modernization of lifting and transport mechanisms, but also specialized solutions to specific problems with a guarantee of reliability, stability, and full control.

To order the automation of lifting and handling mechanisms, please contact our managers

Published on November 13, 2023