Monitoring the operation of the solar station and real-time control of inverter power

All this is possible remotely, and the station operator receives data on the operation of the SES through a web interface.


INFOCOM LTD has expert experience in implementing a system for web-based monitoring and dispatching of solar power plants, and we want to share the functionality, advantages and necessity of this system for managing the station.

What do you get with the SES monitoring service?

  • post-string monitoring of currents and voltages
  • operational control of inverter parameters
  • station performance monitoring
  • building graphs, reports, analytics on the operation of the station
  • inverter power control
  • emergency notification
  • archiving data on the operation of the station


The use of SES monitoring systems will allow you to:

  • promptly respond to changes in the work of SES
  • reduce the downtime of the solar power plant and, as a result, increase the profit from the operation of the station
  • comply with the requirements of power transmission companies to limit the power of the station during peak loads.


The advantages of this system will allow you to monitor all the performance of the station, keep statistics and adjust the power of the inverters – in real time and from anywhere in the world!



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Published on August 29, 2023