Solutions for the design and automation of multi-level parking lots

The idea of the project is to make the streets of cities, residential areas of microdistricts free from traffic jams and unequipped parking spaces.

We offer the most advanced and at the same time reliable, simple solutions for the organization of automated parking spaces in a limited space.

Advantages of multi-level parking:

  • The form of car placement is modern and civilized;
  • Low cost of a parking space.

Possibilities and advantages of the parking automation system:

  • Automation of control of entry and exit of vehicles to the parking lot
  • Automation of the payment system based on checks with a barcode
  • Convenient control and analysis of the financial activity of the parking complex
  • Reducing the number of abuses by customers and parking lot staff
  • Comfort of using parking complex services for customers

The “INFOCOM Ltd” team offers a complex of solutions for multi-level parking and safe storage of cars, contact the following numbers:

Published on November 21, 2023