Unmanned vehicle control system

We think in advance about the possible integration of various automated control systems.


By automating the ground and underground surface of the working, one part of the task is performed. Using unmanned vehicles in processes solves another part of the tasks to increase efficiency.


  • Overview of car routes registered in the system and mapped
  • Graphical representation of the working with the ability to view any part of the terrain and any car
  • Haulage monitoring, including calculation of cycles, tonnage, downtime, loading/loading time
  • On-line status of trucks (empty, loaded, etc.)
  • Tips for underloading trucks, exceeding the waiting time on loading / unloading



  • List of standard reports and access to the database for the formation of additional requests
  • Desktop with KPI indicators for key metrics to evaluate data against plan / actual data
  • Driver performance scores compared to averages
  • Report on the condition of the road, including ice, bumps
  • Report on the state of transport
  • Radio network status report, throughput, downtime



  • Autonomous operation or manual control
  • Real-time monitoring of danger with possible course correction
  • Correction of automatic actions by the auto operator at any time
  • Access to information on the status and routes of unmanned vehicles to the foreman / foreman / dispatcher
  • Sending text messages from the dispatcher to a specific car
  • Training mode for route optimization


INFOCOM uses a flexible single platform in software development, so we achieve the introduction of individual unmanned objects with the subsequent expansion of individual solutions into jointly operating unmanned systems that work in concert in the workings.

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Published on October 23, 2023