Remote support/service maintenance of control systems by APCS specialists

The company INFOCOM Ltd providing maintenance and remote support of industrial objects, scheduled works for control systems (ACS TP) from developers / certified specialists of INFOCOM Ltd in real-time mode on a 24/7 basis. We provide a secure connection (hardware & software), compliance to safety protocol for data protection.

Main tasks of remote support:

  • Control of equipment operation
  • Equipment status diagnostics and remote setup
  • Solving current problems and issues
  • Software updates

Our goal is to make remote support effective and secure:

  • Provide prompt assistance in the analysis of incidents 24/7;
  • Provide protection against harmful/unqualified interference in technological processes and unauthorized access to ACS TP;
  • Reduce equipment downtime by promptly involving external specialists in solving diagnostic, start-up, maintenance tasks
  • Improve the quality and speed of scheduled repairs, equipment replacements
  • Eliminate service delays related to the arrival of specialists at the facility (excluding travel expenses)

Remote Access Support Prerogative:

No unscheduled stops

Simplification of logistics

Involving more than one specialist

Quick repair work

Timely response to changes

Compensation for hours spent on work

Type of remote access connection to support the operation of equipment

The type of remote access connection to support the operation of the equipment exists in two versions: execution of a service contract to call a specialist or on the basis of an annual subscription.

Proactive Support

The stage of conducting / connecting to the process control system via remote access:

Under the control of our developers, a set of measures is carried out, which allows you to control hardware and software, control events of work processes and control the authentication of administrators.

Industries we work

Our experience across different industries will benefit your business: