Smart-station – autonomous transport stations

Autonomous stations “Smart Station” – a complex solution for the equipment and “turnkey” installation of transport stations for corporate vehicles. The transport stations are equipped with an autonomous power supply system based on a solar power plant integrated into the design of the transport station. The solution is developed for companies with extensive distributed infrastructure, such as quarries or mining and processing plants.

Due to the accumulation of electricity during the daytime and its storage in installed storage devices, the transport station complex supplies energy to the following electronic equipment located at the station:

  • Light board (information screen) for displaying information
  • Lighting system (lamps) for lighting at nighttime
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Cabinet for energy storage and charge controller
  • Equipment for wireless data transmission.

The design of the stop complex is standard, but it is possible to develop a unique design solution for the Smart Station components, which includes:

Appearance of the construction of the stop complex

Appearance of the bins of the station complex

The appearance of the shop

View of the light board

Ensuring autonomous operation of the light board and receiving / displaying information on it is implemented by integrating a solar power station into the transport station complex (walls and roof) based on transparent solar panels protected by tempered, damage-resistant glass.


Storage and transmission of information from video cameras is expected on site with data transmission to the central dispatching station. After 14 days of storage, information from the local data storage on Smart Station is deleted. The period of information storage in the system can be extended by agreement with the customer. In addition, the video surveillance system is configured in such a way that it has the ability to cameras remote view and control from a central control room if one have access rights.


When ordering autonomous transport stations “Smart Station” it is also possible to complete the system with a mobile application (IOS, Android) for tracking the movement of vehicles, displaying information on the information board.

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Posted on May 10