Support ukrainian military forces

International engineering company INFOCOM Ltd together with TEMERLAND company raise funds for targeted technical aid for Ukrainian Military Forces.


We are helping to defense Ukraine by purchasing equipment and vehicles from our own sources of funding, but we need additional financial support.


We received and transferred financial assistance (accessed 4 April 2022(sad) 215 000,00 Euro

We need and already handed over to Ukrainian Military Forces such equipment: Portable Generators, Radios, Ammunition, Drones, Vehicles, Thermal images, STARLINK, Binoculars and Night scopes. The full list see on the link: 

Six Unmanned Robotic Platforms TEMERLAND are transferred for Ukrainian Military Forces.


You also can buy equipment by yourself and send it to our European warehouse at the Address:

Slovakia, Dolny Kubin 1092, 026 01 Dolny Kubin


Our Bank Account:

UAH UA443133990000035700055783473 JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”

EUR UA243133990000026000020207046 JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”

USD UA163133990000026008010204181 JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”

Every help is important for saving Ukraine!

phone: +4212 333 25 787, email: AID

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